Meet LeadFabric: Juliëtte Molenaars

July 12, 2019 Content Team

In July 2019 our Amsterdam office welcomed a brand new member Juliëtte Molenaars. She's going to support our internal marketing efforts but mainly make our wonderful clients shine with theirs.

As usually we asked her a few quick questions so you can know her better.

Name: Juliëtte Molenaars
Title: Demand Generation Specialist
Specialty: Marketo, social media

Can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your professional experience?

I started working for an international company with links to big brands in the financial industry when I was 17. Alongside my studies, I was a junior content marketeer at the same company. After 3,5 years with the company, I moved to Canada to finish my degree in Media and Information.

With a fresh degree in hands I am going to expand my professional knowledge as a demand generation specialist at LeadFabric. I am still quite new to the field but more ready than ever to learn everything I need to know to become a savvy demand generation specialist.

In my free time I keep myself busy with cooking for my friends, traveling and my latest podcast-obsession (best invention ever if you want to fit too many hours in one day, like me)

What was your best moment of 2019?

The best moment was an accumulation of small moments in the past 6 months. I lived in Montreal, one of the coolest (literally) cities I’ve ever been to. I made friends from all over the world, studied at one of the world’s best universities (McGill), traveled a lot and graduated. These moments already made my year, and 2019 is not even finished yet!

What does a Demand Generation Specialist do?

I help organizations optimize their communication channels and marketing automatization processes, give them insight into their performance and attract new qualified leads.

I really like to see which other companies are out there, see how I can help them, and I enjoy getting to know the people behind different organizations.

To wrap things up, let us hear one of Juliëtte’s pro tips…

Your experiences/results are strongly influenced by your mindset. If you approach everything positively and with confidence, this will be reflected on what you achieve and how people interact with you.


We are constantly recruiting the best talent, and not only in The Netherlands - check our current open positions. We have offices in Brussels, Amsterdam, Taipei and London. You can also follow our instagram profile to see snippets from real LeadFabric life, there is a big chance they were uploaded by Juliëtte.

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