Meet LeadFabric: Sophie Kool

January 16, 2019 Content Team

Sophie joined LeadFabric as a Demand Generation Consultant in our Amsterdam office. She brings in 5+ years of Marketo and Salesforce experience.

We asked her a couple of questions to help and introduce her to you, enjoy!


Name: Sophie Kool
Title: Demand Generation Consultant
Specialty: Marketo & Salesforce


Can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your experience and expertise?

This is Sophie Kool

With a degree in communications, I started my journey as a marketing consultant amidst koalas and kangaroos – Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, oi oi oi! I then followed my international career path in joining the US company Tesla, where I ran EMEA email marketing for nearly three years.

Now, back to my consulting roots at LeadFabric, I hope to help and inspire our clients to get the most out of their automated marketing operations.

Outside of work I'm quite the crazy cat lady, and in my spare time I like to get my geek on – ask me anything on Harry Potter and I'll know the answer.


As a marketing automation consultant, what exactly do you do?

My aim is to help marketing departments increase scalability, implement personalization, improve sales enablement, create insight in marketing results, and achieve higher marketing ROI, by educating and assisting them on the ways to automate their marketing processes.


What do you enjoy about your job and about the consultancy role in general?

As most consultants will say – I like having a look inside the kitchen (sorry.. Dutch saying) of many different companies. Aside from that in my day to day I do enjoy educating others so they can take the next steps in their marketing automation processes themselves. Lastly, when there is a challenge that allows me to expand my technical knowledge (Data Architecture, APIs/ Integrations, SQL/Big Data) you’ll find I’m the first person to join in on the project! 


 "Always think about what your customers need and not about what you want to sell to them."


What are the main challenges digital marketers will have to face in 2019?

If you’re a marketer and you have an interest in the technical side of things, you’re in for a fun 2019. As a digital marketer you already will have learned many tools and systems like a Marketing Automation Platform, CRM, CMS, Advertising platforms, Reporting tools, you name it! Those tools tend to have an ‘easy to use’ interface though.

In order to truly move your marketing organization to a data driven organization I think marketers need to take their IT skills to the next level and educate themselves on relational database theory, how to write SQL queries, how to go from data to information to insights and how to implement those insights in their marketing strategies.


What was your best moment of 2018?

That’s an easy one and a moment from my personal life – the day I got a kitten from my boyfriend as a birthday gift. His name is Archie (short for Archibald) and he’s the cutest, funniest, naughtiest little rascal! 


To wrap things up, let us hear one of Sophie’s Pro Tips …

Don’t get a Christmas tree if you have a young kitten in the house! – But all kidding aside, my Pro Tip is: "Always think about what your customers need and not about what you want to sell to them."

Example: Don’t think ‘Who needs Marketo?’ because you want to sell Marketo. Think about all the issues marketing people have that you can solve for, e.g. scalability, sales enablement, reporting, and when your product solves for these issues, your customers will come and stay.


We hope you enjoyed our little interview and got to know Sophie a bit better. As we are constantly growing and thus recruiting as well, more of these will follow. Until then, why don't you have a look at our other articles?

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