What is Predictive Content Personalisation and how does it work?

June 19, 2019 Kaat Wuyts

We've all heard about content personalisation and how important it is for your marketing strategy. Companies like Netflix and Amazon are prominent examples in our daily lives that have proven the success of recommending new items based on the buyer’s preferences.

predictive content by amazon

Example from Amazon.com

As a Marketeer, you have an eye for the future and you would probably like to use all your historical data to better predict that future. In 2019, the “predictive” side will evolve in a way we haven’t seen before. The Artificial Intelligence algorithms that can automatically crawl your website and provide the visitors the most relevant content will become stronger, and the content marketing industry fully embraces the use of this extraordinary AI technology. Now, before we dive deeper into the technology aspect, let’s take a look at how predictive Content Personalisation can add value to your marketing strategy and your entire organisation.

Predictive content personalisation creates synergies and better alignment between your marketing assets

The buyer journey has undergone a major transformation in recent years. We, as we have each ascended to the role of the “Empowered” customer ourselves, have experienced that ourselves. This shift to the self-guided / information-seeking customer has further increased the need for predictive content personalisation, which is intended to provide more meaningful and relevant content to site visitors or users. It’ll help them to quickly navigate and find the right content in such a way that it assists them throughout their buying journey.

Below are 5 major fields in which predictive content marketing can support your marketing team and organisation.

1. Predicting customers behaviour

By understanding what your customers would like to see, you can better predict their actions, the so-called ‘Customer intelligence’. With predictive marketing, you can give your customers what they want, even before they realise they need it.

2. Increase conversion rate

As highlighted before: in a world where customers are self-guided, the importance of giving them a quick and easy access to content is key. Predictive marketing will in the end result in quicker conversions by going to relevant pages with less searching and with less content created.

3. Better market segmentation

Having broadly-defined personae is great and a must for each marketing department these days, but it won’t cover the subtle differences between your audiences. With predictive content marketing, you get the right insights to narrow your focus. With a result that not every piece of content will appeal to all segments, but all segments will find a piece of content that is valuable for them.

4. Increased revenue

Giving your target audience a personalised content experience will open doors for up- and cross sells and will make current customers buy again, so overall revenue will be positively affected.

5. Natural alignment

Predictive personalisation creates synergies and better alignment between your general website and other promotional campaigns. It will automatically create a personalised user experience that will adjust what people see on your website and that naturally follows up on the content that they’ve engaged with before.

The good news on top of all these advantages? Implementing a predictive marketing solution isn’t complicated nor does it need to be done in-house: tons of powerful solutions exist for both small and larger companies. One thing is sure: predictive content marketing will be a game-changer for your organisation. The time has arrived to use the data you have to predict the future. Together with AI-driven technologies, it is becoming an important part of the marketing team’s agenda in such a way that it’s paving the way for next-generation marketing and a must for success in 2019 and beyond!

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