2019 Race Started

January 23, 2019 Koen De Witte

What’s another year. Once the winning tune for Ireland at the Eurovision song contest. The year has flown by. And what a year it was. We reached many new milestones, check our infographic at the end. We got recognized as one of the 3 BEST International Marketo marketing agencies and we signed several agreements with new technology partners. Very important ones as we do see big changes ahead. 

The big dream of Marketing Automation once was to become the system of record for the marketing department just like ERP for the backoffice, HRM for the HR department etc. That ship has sailed. Although Marketing Automation will continue to hold a very central place in tomorrow’s marketing department. It will help orchestrate highly personal multichannel engagements and a top notch customer experience. But we do see new martech solutions taking some of the space MA systems tried to occupy in the past. Simply because they are better suited to tackle that part of the challenge. 

Take your ability to proof value. Two of the underlying tenets of ROI are efficiency and effectiveness. Optimizing both starts with good data governance. Today’s marketer needs access to complete and high quality data to target and personalize his engagements, before during and after the sale. That data enters organizations from all sides and that causes quite some issues. In 2018 we came to the realization that it’s beyond MAPs capability to handle this right. We see a bright future for solutions that focus on this challenge. One vendor in particular who’s doing great things in this field is Integrate with whom we signed a unique and strategic partnership. Have a look at their Chief Growth Office Scott Vaughn to get a glimpse of what’s ahead. 

When you're collecting the data, a lot of the data is incomplete or inaccurate. Dirty data is going going to be killer to your ability to generate pipeline.

Scott Vaughan, Integrate

Another challenge is driving traffic to your carefully crafted nurturing tracks. Also here we do offer new solutions. Have a look at Conversational Marketing, a new discipline, often enabled by AI, as it mimics the way humans interact. We’re very proud to have signed on with the two leaders in the field; Conversica and Drift. Read more here about Drift. Or check Conversica’s video here

You see, 2019 looks great. We started with a bang. We hope you did too. This year’s economy will have to deal with some of dark clouds on the horizon which we think emphasis the reason to not give up on the ROI thing. It’s great to engage. But without doing it effectively and efficiently it won’t survive. Being able to show ROI with budgets under stress is going to be more critical than before. It can be done. With the right vision, process, skills and technology. Let that be the reason of our existence. More than ever we are presenting ourselves with our unique blend of expertise, meanwhile with already 10 years under our belt, to help you make the right decisions. 

I’m hoping to hear from you soon. 

Koen De Witte
Managing Director

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Koen's true passion is innovation in B2B sales & marketing. Back in 2008 he started LeadFabric, one of the very first demand marketing services firms in Europe.

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