Daniëlle's first month at LeadFabric

"During these weird times of 2021, I started jobhunting after finishing my degree in Creative Media & Gaming Technology. However, I was not keen on a non-social 24/7 programming job; I don’t want to travel more than two hours a day to simply sit behind a computer. 

But then, an old friend messaged me on LinkedIn: there was an opening as Marketing Automation Specialist at LeadFabric, a complete work-from-home job. I read the job description and was curious to learn more about this new world of marketing automation in the comfort of my own home. So, I applied! 

After the first application round – including several time-management games, which were quite amusing (you’ll see what I mean if you apply) – I met Stien from HR via Zoom.

My honest curiosity about marketing and consulting, my willingness to learn new skills and my problem-solving attitude made me a perfect fit for the team: I got hired!

Entering a new international team means a lot of Zoom calls with co-workers across the world. Although we are all different and far apart, everyone’s very friendly and welcoming. 

To take on real clients, I first must become an Adobe Marketo Engage Business Practitioner – my first exciting challenge. As time went by, I kept discovering new programs and platforms through LeadFabric to really practice and develop new skills. I was encouraged to look around and see what might interest me. So, I started looking into Drift, Turtl, Google Ads and even started doing some copy writing too. Things won’t get boring because I can keep on learning. After leveling up my skills, I see myself taking on even more consulting work and leading workshops in the future.

I love my new job. Not only because of the content, but also for the people, the culture and the learning opportunities. And all that because of my high school buddy who saw the perfect match between me and LeadFabric!"

Daniëlle Meerburg
Marketing Automation Specialist

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