Employee Engagement During Lockdown - what we learnt

July 6, 2020 Stien Pardon

For those of you who have not yet seen our Instagram page, you will probably not know how much we are into good food and sharing experiences. So, I would like to give you a glimpse into our world and what I believe, makes LeadFabric so unique.

Food is a metaphor for everything we do at LeadFabric

The ingredients used are of the highest quality, just like the on-going training and certification we provide for our consultants. The combination of flavours used to create that unique recipe can also be seen in the diversity of cultures and experiences that make up the team. And just like any special recipe, there is the secret ingredient, for us it is the people. We are in a unique position of having a team who share the same mindset, to go that extra mile for their customer.

...Especially during these times of uncertainty, everyone should go for the extra mile and to do everything possible to make the company successful...

There has been already a lot of research on the relationship between employee engagement and organisational effectiveness the last couple of years. So, having found the dream team, we also need to support them and nurture their development and give them the opportunity to grow. At LeadFabric, we found our own way on how to make this happen.

  • Engagement: We have leveraged the experiences and skills of the entire team to find our “WHY” so that everyone is aligned in the way we want this company to evolve. To further embrace teamwork and cross functional collaboration, we established work groups where we look at ways of further improving our product and services to provide the ultimate customer experience.
  • Communication: The lockdown caused by the pandemic meant that people were now working remotely. To overcome the feeling of isolation we established weekly Vault meetings where people are given a platform to share what they are working on and, together look for a solution. Next to this we are also hosting our Thirsty Thursday initiative in a more informal atmosphere and our weekly off rounds on Friday where people can round off the week in a semi-informal setting, sharing everything they want to.
  • Wellbeing pulse check: we take a weekly poll to understand how people are feeling and to follow up with those that may be having a harder time and just need a friendly ear.
  • Celebrating success: we’ve always made it a point to acknowledge people who have achieved their personal milestone or team contribution.
    • Employees who go above and beyond will receive one of multiple different types of awards to make sure no effort goes without acknowledgement. Recently we had two of our colleagues who won the Learning and Leaping Forward award to recognise that they have gone beyond their daily workload and learned a new key skill. The awards come with next to eternal gratitude something tasty.
    • During the past few months, when there was so much uncertainty and anxiety, we found it important to celebrate success and the achievements made by individuals and the team. How? By sending a cupcake as a “Thank You” for the hard work and effort. What makes this doubly sweet is that the nominations come from the team. We intend to keep this up and turn it into tradition.

CupcakeQuote on how it made Kaat feel to get this:
"Receiving a tiny gift on an ordinary day. From the moment we had to work from home, LeadFabric tried to make sure we didn't feel like we were left alone. We're having a weekly update on Monday with the whole team, continue to have our Thirsty Thursdays (in a virtual way) and a call on Friday to round up the week. So the team spirit is even stronger now. When we receive, on top of that, a sweet delivery from time to time as a thank you for the hard work, it gives extra motivation to start the day.💪 I think especially during these times of uncertainty, everyone should go for the extra mile and to do everything possible to make the company successful. I really appreciate it a lot that LeadFabric celebrates successes like this!”

Now everyone loves to receive a special surprise, so we are also launching our “Thank you” for our customers to celebrate a milestone in their project or just a personal recognition of the collaboration. Because project success is something we can only achieve by collaboration with our clients, we want to celebrate this together.

At the heart of it, we want to create a unique experience throughout our customer’s journey. Customer experience is so important to us that we have set up a workgroup looking at how we can improve on this. As a starting point, we identified the importance of recognising achievements reached in collaboration with our customer and to take the opportunity to celebrate these successes. This can mean reaching a certain milestone on the project we are working on, finishing an end-user training, a certain anniversary or even when key targets identified by our customers have been reached. So watch this space!

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Stien Pardon

Stien is a HR professional with a business-focused mindset who sees human capital as a company's most important asset. Driven by change, talent acquisition & performance management. She believes that team spirit is the most difficult, yet also most rewarding way to grow together.

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