Meet LeadFabric: Paul Slikkerveer

May 31, 2019 David Huml

Our Amsterdam office has a brand new Eloqua specialist. Paul Slikkerveer is changing professional team, after 12 years on client's side he's going to transfer all of his expertise into daily support of organizations within LeadFabric's family.

Name: Paul Slikkerveer
Title: Demand Generation Consultant
Specialty: Eloqua, Salesforce

Can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your professional experience?

After my Uni days in Rotterdam, I started to work for an international company with some very big brands in the financial industry. I moved from support roles to account management and into consultancy, ending with an appreciation for products and how they enrich client lives. 

I carried that over in a marketing operation role supporting regional marketeers from +4 GMT to -8 GMT. I embraced the different people, cultures and marketing and loved using different systems and strategies. Now as demand generation consultant @ LeadFabric widening my horizon even more with systems and strategies.

Tech savviness trickles through in private life where Arduino’s and HDT22s control the humidity of my cellar after rain. Heart rate during sports are measured and analysed with my own app. A robot cleaner trawls the floor which is kept messy by two (!) Maine Coon cats. The last tech innovation was vetoed by my better half, stopping me from electric fencing the garden to keep the cats in.

What does a demand generation consultant do?

I help organizations understand where and how people interact with them. There are numerous interactions via different channels. In B2B environments people may form groups acting as a single buyer, but actually consists of different people in different roles. I help, in this complex world to empower organizations to funnel these interactions allowing organizations to act on them appropriately.

What I like about my role and clients in general is to learn about their business and what obstacles they face. I like the challenge posed in solving these.

What are your best experiences?

I was born in an era where Transforms were still a cartoon displayed early Saturday mornings on Sky TV, so I accumulated many great moments. Amongst the best? My first dishwashing machine, road trip to Timbuktu which ended in Baku, Gert’s graduation from high school and my first “Hello World” (C64, early eighties, demo machine in the V&D) spring to mind..

To wrap things up, give us a unique Paul's tip.

Some things you need to figure out by yourself, listening to others just adds noise.


We are constantly growing and recruiting the best talent not only in Amsterdam - check our current open positions and you can become not only Paul's new colleague?

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