Resourceful-20: A series of webinars to share ideas on how to run your business during and after COVID-19

March 18, 2020 Koen De Witte

Let’s see our digital economy as a blessing. Only one decade ago a WW virus outbreak probably would have generated even more disruption.

The industry basically just moved from their offices to our homes and we kept going. But that transition comes with challenges. As we are learning to deal with a myriad of communication channels. We are figuring out how to improve Netiquette in video calls with 20 people. Or when to call, chat, text, email or slack.

At the same time our customers might have many questions. They can’t call your office as easily. And when they do they might end up in queues or get lost in ‘transfer nowhere land’. The website then? Well how fast can you update those pages with all your coworkers figuring out the temporary new normal.

We think that Chatbots might be offering an unexpected solution. Why don’t you join Mark Kilens VP community from Drift and Jason Cappiello from Kanthal the leader in industrial heating solutions to share how they added Chatbot to ensure their business got a boost.

To find out about the other webinars planned, Read Here.

Hope to virtually meet you there. Please stay safe and if you have questions today. Don’t wait. Reach out to me. My email is in the signature.


Koen De Witte
Managing Director

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Koen De Witte

Koen's true passion is innovation in B2B sales & marketing. Back in 2008 he started LeadFabric, one of the very first demand marketing services firms in Europe.

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