The hidden treasure trove in B2B marketing

February 20, 2020 Content Team

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According to research by Informatica, your customer contact data decays by a whopping 30%! every year. When you consider how much is being spent to acquire customers in the first place that’s a lot.

There are many reasons why your data decays; people change jobs, change employer, companies change their name or are acquired. Every year, up to 40% of people change their phone number, email or address. Keeping up with these changes can seem to be an upward struggle but it is of the utmost importance to try to keep your database clean. How do you get started?

Marketing is often assessed / measured against the number of qualified leads that they can generate through outbound and inbound marketing.

"According to research your customer contact data decays by a whopping 30% every year. The solution to this challenge is within reach."

We are allocated a (media) budget for inbound marketing, but know that it only achieves a certain conversion rate. The hope is that our owned media (such as the "house list") will contribute to the result. Wringing more drops from the lemon (our database) has its limits. The only way out is to spend more on the inbound story- or is it?

Companies often spend a lot of money on LinkedIn and Google to get new contacts with all kinds of inbound marketing techniques. However, not all customers will be ready to go in a conversation with sales, some will require nurturing before being converted to a qualified lead. Chatbots can be a cost-effective way of increasing conversions and can certainly help to stretch your marketing budget further.

But what if we could add new contacts to the database WITHOUT having to use new marketing budgets? The solution to these challenges is within reach.

A wealth of information at your fingertips

DriftEvery year we all do different email campaigns, aimed at different target groups. We work hard on the subject line, the design, the content and we get a lot of responses. That's nice, but we also get a lot of "out of office" emails that will sit there, hidden in a general mailbox.

These bounced emails contain a wealth of information, such as:

  • I’m out of office today, please contact my colleague X (with contact data)
  • I changed jobs, but you can contact X for XXX
  • I’m on maternity leave until xx/xx/xx. Please contact XX during this period.

Checking a few of these bounced emails could be possible to find the nuggets of information they contain. But who has the time to manually sift through hundreds or thousands of emails to retrieve this information?

Fortunately, there’s no need for that. You can automate those tasks using an email chatbot, such as Drift Email.

Automated database updates and routings

DriftDrift Email can retrieve contact information from returned emails and send it directly to your MAP or CRM. That way your database is automatically updated, and emails can be sent from your MAP or CRM to the new contact person with a welcome message or opt-in.

Drift Email goes one step further, the automated assistant leverages artificial intelligence to read the content of emails and answer them automatically, qualify leads and forward them to the right person within your team.

In summary: what can Drift Email do for you?


  • Addresses the concern over customer contact data decays by retrieving contact information from returned emails and automatically updating your CRM/MAP database
  • The automated assistant leverages AI to read email content to answer them directly or route contacts to the right sales rep within your organisation
  • Applies chatbots to nurture those customers not ready to be followed
  • Lead scoring
  • Involve your sales people at the right time in your marketing campaigns

Don’t wait any longer, exploit the treasure that is up for grabs. Contact us today for a Drift Email demo.

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