What happened at B2BMX18?

March 15, 2019 Guillaume Messina

From 19 to 21 February 2018, I attended B2BMX in Phoenix, Arizona. It was my first time participating in this specialized conference for B2B marketers, which was co-organized by our Content4Demand partner - G3 Communication. I was truly surprised by the quality of the presentations and speakers. They demonstrated how far U.S. companies are ahead of Europe. It is not surprising that this conference is experiencing exceptional growth each year.

In this article I would like to share 4 insights with you.


Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Account Based Selling (ABS) were by far the most popular topics of this B2BMX edition. However, we could refer to these ideas as Account based Engagement (ABE) instead. These are not new concepts, but in a sales ecosystem where technology is constantly evolving, the terms have been reborn. U.S. sales & marketing teams seem to have understood this, since they have clearly started to redefine their strategy and invest in appropriate technology solutions. Our American technology partners like Terminus and Marketo presented their new products.

LeadFabric is already on this path as we set our strategy last year to be THE European ABM player. For those who haven't had the opportunity to follow our dedicated Zen Events yet, do not hesitate to contact me for more information.


Personalization is the key to building a real customer experience. During his Keynote, Jeff Marcoux emphasized the importance for B2B brands to go beyond simple personalized emails and landing pages. We need to build a real buying journey for the different target groups from the first contact until the closing phase.

It is essential to define your personas and their journey in order to create the right content for each target group, at each stage and in the correct channel. At this conference, we met multiple MarTechs (like SnappApp and Uberflip). They offer solutions to create interactive content in all formats that can be synchronized to Marketing Automation and CRM platforms. We cannot wait to offer this to our customers.


AI and machine learning are creating a new disruptive model in the world of B2B marketing. McKinsey & Co predict that 45% of the jobs in this field will be automated within the next 20 years.

We discovered some very interesting technologies like Conversica, which is a tool that functions as a "sales assistant". Conversica communicates with your leads and customers via Email to set appointments. It is already available in 7 languages. We were amazed by the quality and relevance of this assistant. Koen de Witte (LeadFabric's Director) did not even realize that he had been talking to a robot named Rachel for several weeks until he decided he wanted to meet her.

What differentiates us from AI machines with their incredible computing power is our creativity. This is the skill that every marketer should develop.


There are so many clichés about Millennials: they are individualistic, not very materialistic, resistant to Marketing ... But in fact, they are ultra-connected, work in communities and are attracted to brands that participate on social networks. Within two years, Millennials will represent half the world's population. This is the generation that is literally pouring into our businesses today. American B2B companies have largely begun to adapt their communication as a function of this change.

Millennials are big consumers of digital content and especially video. Of all the B2B content types available, video is by far the one that Millennials prefer to consult. They also attach much more importance to social influencers than previous generations. This means that we can only imagine what kind of communication we will have to create in the future to engage with this generation. Let's be creative, because they are too! Much more than just consuming content on the internet, they express themselves. They post on social networks, write blogs, share videos. They create their own content that they share with their communities.

MailChimp is the perfect example. With their campaign "Did You Mean", which I invite you to discover.


LeadFabric is the official and exclusive partner of G3 Communication in Europe, the holding company of Content4Demand (content strategy) and B2BMX.

In 2018, we were probably the only Europeans at the conference. However, we hope to see many more next year, because there is nothing else to compare with this conference right now. Enjoy a few days under the sun of Arizona in the middle of February - you can definitely do worse than that. Contact me if you want more information or if you are interested in the 2019 edition.

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