Take Marketo Engage programs to the next level with custom program fields

February 17, 2020 Tom Dirix

On Friday February 14, Paul Wilson, head of the Marketo Engage Platform at Adobe announced that it is now possible to add custom fields to program member records if you are a member of Adobe's Marketo Closed Beta Program. This blogpost explains what they are and why you should use them.


What are they and why should you use them?

Marketo EngageCustom fields on program member level or program fields as we call them, are program specific. You can create unique custom fields for any program.

This means that you can have persistent data on your program members, as opposed to the previously used common practice of filling and then overwriting a placeholder field with temporary data.

Do you know the best part? Program fields act just like regular fields. You can use them in forms, as triggers in smart campaigns and smart lists, add them to your imported lists, fill them with UTM parameters and more!

Be aware though, these fields cannot be synced with your CRM and therefore are used for marketing purposes only.


When to use?

From boosting personalization in communication to campaign logistics, there are plenty of examples but below you can find a couple of use cases from the top of my head.

You are...

  • present at a trade show and want your booth visitors to select the sales person they spoke with from a dropdown list in a form so you can take your communication personalization to the next level (e.g. personalize emails you send to this visitor with a signature from this sales person)
  • hosting an event and want to know the dietary preferences of your registrants so you can provide allergy free meals when possible
  • doing a webinar on a third-party platform and want to record and push the questions that were raised to Marketo Engage
  • providing trainings on several dates and want to know which of these fit the registrant best
  • ...

The possibilities are endless!


The solution is currently in a closed beta test phase and Adobe is looking for more beta users.

Do you want to know more? Not sure if you can benefit from these fields for your use case? Maybe you want to join the beta yourself or you already have and don't know where to start? LeadFabric is the first Adobe Solutions Partner specialized in Marketo Engage for Europe and we can assist you in applying to participate. Contact us or chat with Fabio, our chatbot in the bottom right corner of this page and we'll help you out.

About the Author

Tom Dirix

Tom is a passionated front-ender who's always ever so curiously following the latest trends in search for improvement. His specialty lies in designing and developing user-friendly landing page and e-mail templates for MAP's like Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot.

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