Marketing Automation

June 4, 2020 Jonas Tseng

What is marketing automation?

Nowadays, more and more businesses start to realize the importance of marketing and customer relationship management. Many businesses have now also started to use lots of different platforms or software to replace their traditional ways of marketing in order to save more time and money. Most of the businesses want to spend the least money to get the most return and this is why marketing automation has become so popular. Why is marketing automation so helpful?

  1. Improve marketing productivity
  2. Efficiency and Return on investment
  3. Campaign customization
  4. Real-time performance management
  5. Acquire more customers and retain the original customers

Improve marketing productivity

Marketing automation can reduce and eliminate a lot of expenses on human resource investments, so that people can focus on other jobs, which need human specifically. For instance, decision making, ingenuities … etc.

Efficiency and return on investment

There are two critical points, which can totally explain the theory of the efficiency and return on investment. First, is everyone being efficient, either on the work or the flow of running the organization. Secondly, is the money that your company spent cost-effective? As businesses grow rapidly, it’s not worth it to expand the department of marketing. Having marketing automation replaced the work, so that human employees can focus on other more strategic and ingenuities job.

Campaign customization

Customizing campaign is significant because this is going to affect directly to the audiences. Most of the businesses understand that targeting the audiences is very critical, and this is why it also connects to your CRM in order to get the most relevant information and deliver content to the right prospect.

Real-time performance management

Real-time performance management really helps a lot because it can tell you what parts that you do well and what parts do not. For example, you can analyze how well your campaigns are setup by checking out on which sites or products have interested your audiences the most and which ones have not. The click rates and open rates can also help to analyze, so that we can scheme for a long-term way in order to optimize the marketing campaigns.

Acquire more customers and retain the original customers

A lot of businesses are curious of how to acquire and retain the customers. To answer this question: Marketing automation. Marketing automation can provide a well-organized buyer’s journey by doing the followings like campaign setups, follow ups, and customer interactions...etc.

From what has mentioned above, marketing automation is a really accommodating platform that can make businesses improve and to become better. If you are also new or inquisitive about marketing automation, feel free to contact us. LeadFabric is providing amazing services, which comprehend professional knowledge and consultancy in regard to marketing automation. We have more than 10 years experiences of guiding our clients to accomplish and achieve their goals. Schedule a meeting with one of our consultants today!

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