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June 3, 2020 Mihaela Bisnel

These are new times and they raise unique challenges and opportunities. We are now relying more and more on AI (Artificial intelligence) to help us drive our cars, guide our public transportation, heath care, economic models and many other applications we might not even be aware of.

Last week was pretty big for us at LeadFabric. We formalised our partnership with California based Conversica as 1st and only Reseller in Europe.

"So after a few sessions of training and ‘onboarding’ our very own IVA - this week was the first week 'on the job' for Francesca."

Conversica is a provider of IVAs ‘Intelligent Virtual Assistants’ across several industries, communication channels and in multiple languages. I started to work with the Sales AI Assistant as well as the Customer Success AI Assistant. So after a few sessions of training and ‘onboarding’ our very own IVA - this week was the first week 'on the job' for Francesca (that is the name we gave ‘her’). She is our multilingual Business Development Assistant.

The whole thing was quite seamless…we use SalesForce as CRM internally and the out of the box integration with Conversica is beautiful :-) Very easy and quick to setup.

So how does it really work? You need to get together with Marketing and Sales to understand what parts of your Lead Management you should assign to your IVA. Once you come up with some objectives, you simply setup your target audience as a CRM/SalesForce Campaigns and you assign it to the IVA to work on it. Once she establishes contact she can send information and further qualify your prospects. Finally, she will pass those Hot Leads to your sales team.

Here's a picture of the dashboard just after launch. There is already data in! Francesca can work pretty effectively and across several campaigns at once. She is on brand and uses Natural Language Processing in her conversations.

Stay tuned for more tips and insights into AI assistants from me. In the meantime you can check for updates on this link here as well as check out more Conversica use cases for various industries and businesses

PS: you can connect with Francesca on Linkedin :-)

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