Roll out the red carpet for your VIPs

January 30, 2020 Paul Lee

It’s award season and with the Oscars just around the corner, the film industry will be rolling out the red carpet and hosting exclusive after-show parties for the royalty of the film world. The same can be done for your most important accounts and contacts although you don’t have to go the whole way on the party theme unless you really want to!

It’s super-easy to do this at scale using technologies like Drift ABM integrated with Marketo Engage to improve the chat experience and to “nurture” conversations. Imagine having in place an automated process that provides a “white glove” treatment for every one of your most important accounts and clients on a personal “human” level at whatever hour of the day or night as they visit your web site properties? Just fantastic! And more importantly, provide an essential frictionless route to engage avoiding the conversation killer, the dreaded form! Robert DeNiro is not asked for ID before he gets on stage to get his award, why ask the CTO of a top target account to do the same! You just don’t.

DriftIt’s called Conversational ABM. The techie bit is that Drift simply reads Marketo’s cookie data to determine the best course of conversational interaction. Is this is a new visitor or a returning one? What content did they read on their last visit? What account are they from? Do we know a first name? Or, if it’s a new visitor and we know the domain name, Drift can use Clearbit to recognise the account (as well as provide a host of other valuable firmographic and demographic insight) to bespoke the chatbot experience right from the get-go. Clever copy writing starting with a great opener, humanises the conversation whilst the logic you have used to build your chat journey (Drift call it a playbook), steers the conversational flow engaging, educating and routing for the best outcome.


However, it doesn’t stop there, Conversational ABM can be used for so much more. Using Drift ABM alongside Marketo Engage you can sync data, auto-drop prospects into ABM-specific promotions delivered by either email, advertising, direct mail or social channels, or switch to live-chat and route the conversation to the appropriate account owner - an SDR or salesperson for example.


You can also nurture customers. “Not ready yet? No problem at all. You might be interested to read our latest guide to xxx. It can be found here”. Gathering essential contact details within the chat flow and providing a click-through to relevant content, extends the customer experience and enables you, the ABM lead, to push the contact into a Marketo nurture programme as well as provide valuable conversation insight directly to Sales either via Drift or CRM.

We’re all for sweating martech and this is a very natural and simple way to extend the use of your Marketo Engage and Drift investments. Want to know more? We’re just a click away or ask our chatbot Fabio.

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