Demand Orchestration

B2B marketing approach used to centralize, coordinate and drive the performance of top-of-funnel marketing activities.

  • Vaarwel MQL's, welkom Opportunities

    Vaarwel MQL's, welkom Opportunities

    Op het Forrester B2B Summit 2022 leerden we waarom Opportunity-Based Marketing een effectievere strategie vormt dan lead generation. Zeggen we de MQL vaarwel en maken we plaats voor ABM?

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  • Goodbye MQLs, Hello Opportunities

    Goodbye MQLs, Hello Opportunities

    At Forrester B2B Summit 2022, we learned why opportunity-based marketing is a more effective B2B marketing strategy than lead generation. Is it time to say goodbye to MQLs and embrace ABM?

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  • From ZEN - Scott Vaughan (Integrate)

    From ZEN - Scott Vaughan (Integrate)

    Scott Vaughan talks about new trends in B2B Marketing.

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  • This was ZEN 2018

    This was ZEN 2018

    In September of 2018 we had our 10th and 11th edition of our annual ZEN Events. A full day seminar in Belgium and the Netherlands. Our 12th and 13th editions are coming up soon! Will you be there?

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  • A guide to the B2B demand marketing assessment

    A guide to the B2B demand marketing assessment

    Demand Marketing Assessment guide and Orchestrestration workbook, a guide book by integrate

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  • A guide to demand orchestration software

    A guide to demand orchestration software

    Automating top-funnel processes to focus on revenue-driving strategies, a guide by integrate

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  • The cost of bad leads

    The cost of bad leads

    A report by integrate: the costs of bad leads in B2B Marketing

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  • Maximizing event ROI

    Maximizing event ROI

    13 ways Marketing ops can Maximize Event ROI - Ebook by Integrate

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