What's new in Eloqua's August 2020 Release?

August 17, 2020 David Huml

Oracle Eloqua is releasing some new features! Here's a summary of everything you can expect and when: 

When will it happen?

The new 20C release is already being pushed out to some instances as I write this. Next week, 20C will be fully live across all instances. It just depends on which server (POD) that your instance is running on. If you aren't sure about your POD, check out this article for more details (TLDR: it's based on the URL you see after you log in).

  • POD1, POD2, POD7 - August 15th.
  • POD3, POD4, POD6 - August 22nd.

What's new?

The current update is rather minor -- nothing groundbreaking, but there are definitely some 'quality of life' enhancements.

Email and Landing Page Editors
We can expect a lot more features in terms of "blocks". While content will still be editable, block-styling can be locked by admins. This is meant to keep emails and landing pages more consistent and brand compliant. Descriptions and multi-row grouping will also be added. 

The HTML exporter will include headers, footers, javascript and CSS. Full code! Video blocks will automatically load thumbnails from Youtube and Vimeo. Default DOCTYPE will be updated, which will help emails created in the new editor to render more reliably across various email clients (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, etc.).

Oracle CX Integration
If you are using CX Content then you'll be able to better control its repository directly from Eloqua. This will also allow you to conduct better and more efficient searches.

Form visibility will be added, which helps with testing and controlling where submissions can occur (e.g. if your old forms are attacked by spam bots). Batch processing of forms via API is getting some background improvement for better traceability of errors and for faster, more reliable form processing (currently activated per request).

Program Canvas
In the program builder, there will be a new step added which allows you to move contacts from program builder to the program canvas.

ABM dashboard will include better analytics -- the breadth and depth of account engagement and topics of interest. There will also be other minor updates (e.g. new metrics such as the total form submissions from an email).

Salesforce.com Integration App
There were several features available only in original native integration, which were currently missing in the new app. This should all help with smooth transition from native integration to the Salesforce.com integration app.

There will now be the option to map - "last modified by the CRM" date. The Salesforce field 'Address' can be split into multiple Eloqua contact fields. There will be an option to choose if the Eloqua updates an object with new values, even if the new value is blank. And finally upon import it will be possible to map boolean values to Eloqua's integer fields.

The "email address change" feature was until now only on demand - it becomes generally available in 20C.

Some other apps (e.g. Facebook Lead, LinkedIn Campaign Manager), and even native integration for MS Dynamics, are also getting some minor updates. 

Eloqua 20C

SSL Certificate Management
This one is very promising and I can't wait to try it out. All customers will now be able to manage, install and maintain their own SSL certificate. There will be no more need for support requests to the Oracle team.

Learn More

Of course, there are many more technical changes happening in the background. Eloqua insiders can see full list on Oracle's website or you can reach to Eloqua consultants at LeadFabric.

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