August 9, 2021 David Huml

Hello Eloqua users,

The 21C Release is coming up soon, so here’s a breakdown of all the changes this will bring to your instances.


This, as always, depends on the POD (server) that your instance is using.

POD1 - Friday 13th August, 2021
POD2 - Friday 13th August, 2021
POD6 - Friday 13th August, 2021
POD3 - Friday 27th August, 2021
POD4 - Friday 27th August, 2021
POD7 - Saturday 28th August, 2021

Want to check your POD? Just look at the URL that comes up once you’re logged in.


As usual, we have a combination of small and rather big changes.

API Updates

We can categorise the API updates into three main groups:

1. Forms
One major highlight of the 21C release is the full implementation of background form processing (going from synchronous to asynchronous form processing). This is a highly anticipated improvement that Eloqua only partially introduced to us in their last 21B release.
With this new addition in full swing, it will significantly help increase your system’s stability, prevent the loss of data, and make response times faster and more consistent.

2. Errors Handling
Improved error messages will give developers more information and clarity on whatever goes wrong, ultimately speeding up and debugging the system.

3. Stuck Records
Eloqua is slightly changing the time frames for notifications and the status updates of settings-errors. Additionally, there will be improvements to bulk API imports and exports; developers should definitely go through the full documentation for this update!


Eloqua continues with the redesign. This time, the new branding is being applied to the popular Email Performance Dashboard. You’ll also be able to customize lead scoring reports and more easily build score level analyses.

Branding & Deliverability

Eloqua Release

Oracle introduces a brand new SSL certification management section. Not only will it be easier to see all your SSL certificates and their expiry dates, but admins will also start receiving automatic email notifications about their certificate expirations 60, 30, and 10 days ahead.

Moreover, Oracle plans to secure new domains for new customers. Stayed tuned for that in future releases!

New Integration: Eloqua and Maxymiser

You now have the option to pass data seamlessly between Eloqua and Maxymiser platforms. This new feature is kicking off with a soft launch for this 21C release, but will later be more widely available to all customers.

Lead Scoring – Operational Report

Here we have a small change to the retention policy of your contacts. Previously on your Lead Scoring report, you could see lead score changes for the last 750 days. This is now being reduced to only 365 days, but I bet some of you didn't even know you could double-click on specific scores to see its history. :-)


Blind Form Submissions (URL Shortening)
This feature helps you hide personal information from the URL, which you need to populate blind form values (personal identifiable information can include name, address etc.). To have this enabled in your instance if it's not already, you can contact Eloqua support.

Discontinued Apps
As you may have seen in our previous announcement, a few things will no longer be available by September 30, 2021:

  • Oracle Marketing Calendar
  • Dynamic Cloud Content
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Customers using these apps should uninstall and replace them before they’re all discontinued!


New Zoom App
There has been no confirmation that a new Zoom app would be available with the 21C release, but it is on the horizon and could be available (limited) by November this year.

New SMS Channel
With the 21D release, Eloqua will introduce a whole new channel: SMS. It will come with an entire suite, including Editor, Campaign Actions, and Reporting sections. You will be able to aggregate your SMS accounts and integrate SMS channel into your marketing efforts.

Unsurprisingly, however, this new SMS channel comes with extra costs. On one hand, you’ll be charged (once-off) based on which countries you support, and on the other hand, based on the number of messages you send.

Eloqua Release Eloqua Release Eloqua Release Eloqua Release Eloqua Release


Want to learn more about Eloqua, stay updated with new releases and features, and get support on how to make the most out of the platform?

Book a free consultation with one of our consultants! You can do this with our chatbot, Fabio, or email us at demandmore@leadfabric.com.

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