Marketo Email Editor 1.0 soon to be discontinued

June 11, 2019 Tom Dirix


Announced a couple of times already and sent out as an official Product Update Notice just this morning, Marketo announced that on June 18 those who are still using the original email editor will be updated to Email Editor 2.0


Your Marketo instance will get updated automatically. As mentioned in our introduction, all new emails and those edited after the 18th of June, will automatically open in the 2.0 editor. Old emails and templates developed in version 1.0, are fully compatible with the 2.0 editor. Does this mean that in case you are still using 1.0 you don’t have to do anything? Not really.


Poor preparation creates poor performance. That's why we advise you to take some time to prepare and benefit from the many opportunities the new email editor provides. Change brings opportunity. In this case finally be able to deal with those older designs or improving usability and deliverability.


If you don’t know which version you’re on you can ask Marketo Support or simply ask Fabio (our smart chatbot) at the bottom-right of this page.  Once you've found out you're still on 1.0 you have a couple of options.

Since the launch in 2016, we have noticed that Marketo users grabbed the opportunity to also do a major overhaul of their entire template design library to:

  • Reach full compatibility with the updated corporate identity.
  • Address some usability and conversion issues that were the result of antiquated design (e.g responsive design).
  • Fix deliverability issues.

Sometimes this results in having to upgrade existing layouts and designs but more often than not we saw users start from a clean slate, completely overhauling their design so it could enjoy all of the benefits the multi modular editor provides.

  • Upgrade from existing templates: Using the existing HTML code of all your existing templates and converting it into new modules that fit your new multi modular master template.
  • Redesign your email template from scratch including a new design. Agencies like ours can work with a proven process that lets our developers offer multiple design solutions you can choose from in a FIXED price scenario.
  • At LeadFabric we even have built master email templates with as many as 25 modules to accommodate the need of enterprises that communicate in 50+ languages.

Not sure what editor you're using? Do you want to grab the opportunity to upgrade but not sure what it will take? Hesitating between DIY or outsourcing the effort or looking for something in between?

Click on the chat icon on this page and we'll answer your questions ASAP.

About the Author

Tom Dirix

Tom is a passionated front-ender who's always ever so curiously following the latest trends in search for improvement. His specialty lies in designing and developing user-friendly landing page and e-mail templates for MAP's like Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot.

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