Marketing Nation Summit 2017 Recap

June 19, 2017 Guillaume Messina

From 23rd to 26th April, Marketo’s great annual event took place: the Marketing Nation Summit. More than 6,000 marketers were present in San Francisco to share experiences and learn more about the digital transformation of marketing, advertising, IT, services, and beyond. LeadFabric, as the most certified European agency, was obviously part of it. This year a large part of the summit was devoted to the Engagement Economy and to the exciting new Marketo features… but of course, this kind of event also meant fun & entertainment. If you missed it, let’s recap!


Leading in the Engagement Economy

The Engagement Economy has been the buzzword of this 2017 summit. The idea behind this notion is that in our digital world, marketers mustn’t only focus on customers. Impersonalised traditional marketing tactics and excessive communication can have a negative impact on your business. Companies can’t fully control their digital image and customers may have already built an opinion even before they’ve been contacted.

Nowadays, marketers must engage with all the stakeholders of their targeted business and deliver them an adapted experience. This is why, during the keynote, Steve Lucas emphasised that we have to be a part of the Engagement Economy, but the question is: how to engage?


Listen, learn, inspire

Engagement is about how to attract, occupy or hold the attention of a person. For Marketo, the Engagement Economy methodology is based on a three-step process: Listen, learn, inspire.


Use every channel to listen to both your known and unknown audience. Ask them questions, not only about what kind of products or services they like but about who they are. What is important to them and what do they care about? How would they like to be engaged?...


Then you’ll need to analyse all this data, learn from it and act accordingly. You’ll create insights that will help you to adapt your actions.

3.Inspire, Act, Engage

Act on those insights. Create the experience your audience expects and wants to have. You should think of all aspects of their journey and become the solution to their problems. Inspire your customers and they’ll become your brand advocate!



Obviously, the Summit is also about the platform itself, using technology as an enabler for this Engagement Economy. This year, the Product Keynote fulfilled all of our expectations in terms of surprises and good news.

Marketo Road Map


1. Platform

The core of Marketo is changing, the new architecture will allow a faster execution.

2. System monitoring

It’ll soon be possible to find issues before they happen, including the ability to see Salesforce throughput over time, Smart List performance, and API usage.

Marketo CMO Insights

3. Analytics

A giant step has been made regarding the analytics and reporting capabilities with relevant dashboards and metrics. Those will definitely help decisions makers. Marketo’s new dashboards will provide:

  • CMO Insights: shows KPIs that a CMO needs to know to analyse business result.
  • Marketing Performance Insights: shows ROI for campaigns, targeted at Marketing Managers
  • Web Insights: shows an overview of your channel performance, conversion data, standard website analytics
  • Custom Dashboard: we’ll also get the possibility to create and customise our own Dashboard.


4. APIs

Import and export a very large volume of data will be much easier using the bulk APIs, which will be very useful when transferring your data to your BI tool, using this data through your Apps, or just archiving it.


5. Performance stats

Another awesome feature will be launched with the new platform: the possibility to benchmark your email metrics. If you have ever wondered how your campaigns perform compared to companies working in the same industry – and I’m sure you do – this tool will bring you data that you can’t get elsewhere!

6. Ad Bridge

Ad Bridge

A major improvement is coming for Ad Bridge. We’ll be able to run better targeted, personalised digital ad campaigns to paid media systems (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google…).

  • Lists can now be dynamic instead of just static: this will ensure that only targeted leads will receive your ads. Your customer journey will improve, the time where your customers could see an Ads for an already bought product is over.
  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms now sync directly to Marketo. LinkedIn is the largest professional network, imagine the opportunity this new feature can bring to your business, especially if you’re a B2B company.
  • Google Search, YouTube and Gmail are in preparation to be sync with Marketo.

Now you can target your audiences with relevant and personalised ad based data whenever they are in their lifecycle.


7. Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

ABM was one of the main new tools presented during last year Marketing Nation Summit. This year, they introduce a brand new additional feature: Account Insight. It’s a browser plugin for sales reps so they can work on key accounts effectively when browsing prospects websites. It will provide:

  • Insight into a salesperson's account list, prioritised by an account scoring
  • Real-time visibility into account and contact activity, such as event registrations, whitepaper downloads

Marketo also roll out an CRM Account list Sync to ensure that your Marketo account lists are sync with changes in CRM.


8.New UX


Last but not least, a redesigned user experience, with a completely new and modern user interface, and new functionalities such as:

  • To copy and save rules across campaign for Smart List and Flows
  • To add customized widgets
  • To tag any objects (program, assets, etc)
  • To activate campaigns and assets in bulk
  • To have different sending cadence in a stream of an Engagement Program
  • And so on…

There is no launch date yet for all those cool new features and evolutions but we are looking forward to testing and putting them to use. More details coming soon.


Marketing Nation party and LeadFabric Helicopter ride

Marketo Sky

The Marketo Summit is not just about business, but also fun and entertainment and Marketo knows how toorganise an amazing show. James Corden (performer and host of "The Late Late Show") and Queen Latifah (musician and actress), both good storytellers, took the stage during the event and the band Train gave a private concert during the Marketing Nation Party.

San Francisco is an amazing city, with a strong cultural diversity and plenty of things to do. Beyond the way of life, San Francisco is unique from its urbanism and in its marvellous bay. Is there a better view than from a helicopter? Some happy few won our LeadFabric contest during the event and got a free helicopter sightseeing rides across the bay area

 Perfect to get back from office the head full of inspirations and to be prepared for the engagement economy!

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