Meet LeadFabric: Rémi Damet

May 21, 2019 Remi Damet

Rémi Damet joined LeadFabric's Brussels office in March 2019, filling a needed front-end designer role. He brings more than two years of professional development experience to the table.

We gave him a couple of quick questions as an introduction.

Name: Rémi Damet
Title: Front-end designer
Specialty: Coding, UX, graphical design

Can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your experience and expertise?

After earning a technical degree in Web & Multimedia, I started exploring different cultures and work environments. Working mostly for startup projects in Canada, The Netherlands and Thailand, I started quickly focusing on front-end design. A specialisation that combines my 2 passions: design and web development.

I'm pursuing my happiness in Belgium and now I am looking forward to this new work experience at LeadFabric. I hope I can find meaningful, growing opportunities for both the company and myself.

Outside of work, I am interested into exploring every aspect life has to offer. I like music, street art, meeting different and new cultures and exploring the creative side of myself.

As a front-end designer, what exactly do you do?

My main goal in this role is to deliver our clients and users functional front-end solutions. Besides that I am involved in more internal tasks and marketing efforts of the company, I am aiming to improve the clients' and partners experience.

What do you enjoy about your job and about the developer role in general?

I really enjoy combining both the creative and technical part of my job. Usually I am trying to find innovative solutions that would match with a bigger picture, with a vision. That's a process I like.

What was your best moment of 2018?

I returned back to Europe after full two years living in Thailand. The euphoric feeling of re-discovering your own (European ) culture with a whole new perception and perspective, that's what I appreciate the most about last year.

To wrap things up, let us hear one of Rémi’s pro tips…

I'd advise to never take things for granted, always keep looking for new experiences. All of this around us is just a game, I'd advise to play it wisely but never too seriously. 🙂


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