Our solution for the Marketo Form Prefill Upgrade

April 17, 2019 Howard Huang
Good Day marketers,
Our Form prefill functions are about to change! The news will be announced in this Marketo article (scheduled to be released on April 24th 2019).
What does this mean? Will this mess up the submission process that we used for years?!


Marketo will only pre-fill form fields if the URL used to navigate to the Marketo landing page contains a valid mkt_tok URL parameter value. When a user clicks on tracked links in Marketo emails and lands on a Marketo landing page with a form, the URL must contain the token in the query string. Otherwise the form on that landing page will not be pre-filled. 
So after the release the prefill will only work for the Marketo email and a Marketo landing page (with valid mkt_tok token).
Will this mess up the submission process that we used for years?!



This will rarely occur. However, if you have made something in Munchkin cookies and that will make the prefill happen, it will have a significant impact on your process. 


If you’re using a Marketo email with Marketo landing page – no impact for you!
If you’re using Munchkin cookies to enable form prefill, here is something you need to consider:
  • Restructure your form filling process from email communication
  • Make sure the mkt_tok is enabled in the link setting in emails for the form landing page
Should you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us!
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