Press Release: LeadFabric becomes the first Drift Premier Partner in Europe

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Diegem, Belgium – October 22, 2020 – Today, LeadFabric announces that it has been named the first Drift Premier Partner in Europe for its top partner performance.  

LeadFabric, a pioneer in marketing and sales technology and business process consultancy, gains unique recognition as Drift’s first EMEA Premier Partner. 

Drift is the world’s leading Revenue Acceleration Platform that uses chat, email, video, and AI solutions to help companies deliver personalized customer experiences, shorten their sales cycles, and strengthen their brands.

With one of LeadFabric’s main drivers being to help its clients take the plunge into the world of marketing technology, Drift’s platform has proven to be a key component in improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of LeadFabric’s marketing operations. 

Deploying conversational marketing strategies across multiple international markets comes with a variety of obstacles, including: localization strategy, language barriers, differences in culture and social norms, and local support availability. Being international by design, LeadFabric is able to use its global presence in assisting Drift with these obstacles. The consultancy leverages both its deep understanding of and unique access to multiple markets across both the EMEA and APAC regions.

Working with Drift, LeadFabric has been able to help its clients increase their revenue by converting traffic into known contacts, for example by generating $1M in pipeline in only 6 weeks.

"What draws us to Drift is it ticks the ultimate box – it brings back a human feel to automation,” says LeadFabric’s Managing Director Koen De Witte. “It brings back the two-way conversation. We love it because it gives better experiences to buyers who visit our client’s websites, and in turn, helps boost their pipeline since it meets people where they’re at in their buying journeys."

“We’re thrilled to have LeadFabric as our first premier partner in Europe,” said David Cancel, founder and CEO of Drift. “Our mutual ambition of both aligning sales and marketing and putting the customer at the center of everything we do made them an ideal partner for us as we continue to expand in EMEA, APAC and beyond.” 

To learn more about how LeadFabric and Drift help companies engage with customers, head over to our website.

About LeadFabric

Founded in 2008, LeadFabric has for long pioneered the alignment between sales and marketing teams with their buyers’ ever-evolving needs and expectations. The company is one of the most experienced and highly certified Marketing Technology services providers and consultancies in Europe, leveraging partnerships with premier platforms including (but not limited to) Marketo, Eloqua, Drift, and more. With a multi-cultural DNA, LeadFabric has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, France, Taiwan and the United Kingdom."

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