Recording: How Todays Buyers Buy

June 7, 2019 Paul Lee

You can access presentation slides here.


Are your conversion tactics working? You probably spend a lot of time and money creating exceptional website experiences. Yet fewer people are completing your forms. Why?

There is no straightforward answer. But the way consumers interact with websites is definitely changing. Let’s admit it, we have become more and more impatient. When we want something, we want it now! Filling out a form is time-consuming. Moreover, you don’t know when you’ll get an answer to your question.

Why not talk directly to those impatient customers? Conversational Marketing and the use of chatbots like Fabio, are delivering double-digit conversion metrics and bringing humanity back into engagement. Advantages:

  • Instant gratification
  • Interactive humanlike conversations
  • Double-digit conversion metrics
  • Easy implementation
  • Fewer skilled resources needed

About the Author

Paul Lee

For over a decade, Paul has been supporting sales and marketing leaders across a variety business sectors to help them understand how their activity drives revenue and customer engagement for their businesses.

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