Events with Scott Vaughan (0/5): An Introduction

Intro: An Interview with Scott Vaughan


LeadFabric consultant Kyra Albano interviews Scott Vaughan (Chief Growth Officer at Integrate) across a five-part video series to see what he thinks about how events have changed because of digitalization and COVID-19, as well as what the future may bring --for audiences, buyers, marketers, and B2B leaders.

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Kyra Albano

Amsterdam-based MarTech consultant passionate about the optimisation of technology, cross-cultural communications, and business strategy towards a better future. When I’m not busy working I love to to surf, write, and explore all sorts of new places!

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Évènements avec Scott Vaughan (0/5) : Introduction
Évènements avec Scott Vaughan (0/5) : Introduction

Kyra Albano, consultante chez LeadFabric, interviewe Scott Vaughan (Chief Growth Officer chez Integrate) à ...