LeadFabric expands into emerging market opportunity with five new experts

April 4, 2023

The B2B consultancy for digital transformation in sales & marketing has expanded with five marketing & sales tech veterans to support its ambition to break new ground as a true full-service offering for sales & marketing transformation.

Diegem, Belgium – April 4th 2023 - LeadFabric has hired five senior professionals to strengthen their position in the market. The move is expected to solidify their industry-leading status in helping B2B companies drive revenue for the EMEA region and larger global context.

Delivering results in this environment requires consultants with a deep understanding of B2B marketing and sales, which are often in short supply. LeadFabric’s announcement is an answer to the increased complexity of the B2B landscape and the rising momentum of Account-based Marketing (ABM). While their past role was focused on enabling companies through MarTech, the evolving integration between sales and marketing has led the consultancy to adopt a new approach. “With the advent of market developments like RevOps, we’ve moved beyond simply offering strategy and support for MarTech operations,” noted Koen De Witte, founder and managing director of LeadFabric. “Instead of just offering the tech while collaborating with media and creative agencies, we now offer a full service in the framework of ABM - which is why we’ve added senior specialists to our team.”

The new members will offer marketing advice, change management, tech integration and the development of creative messaging through the sales funnel, acting as catalysts for digital transformation of the B2B market.

Koen De Witte said, “Our new team members will lay the foundation for broadening our offering as a complete B2B digital transformation consultancy. In the past, we mainly sold MarTech solutions to marketing departments, but the market has evolved. Today, tech must be the lever for sales and marketing to collaboratively drive revenue. With the arrival of Account Based Marketing we are being asked to offer a complete solution, including media, strategy, and creative services. As senior staff, they bring a wealth of experience to the company, and I’m confident they will further improve the value we deliver to our clients.”

Ab Polspoel is the first of the senior staff that will be joining LeadFabric. He brings over two decades of digital marketing experience and will be a key consultant for business development, change management and strategy. “Ab’s expertise in creating value through combining creative, tech and data is a perfect match for our customers. His experience in change management and reengineering organizational processes will help them reap the benefits of tech integration. Today, customers expect full turn key solutions that include media, content strategy, as well as execution. Adding these new consulting services to our wheelhouse will accelerate our pan-European growth," says Koen De Witte, founder and managing director of LeadFabric.

Previously, Ab served as the former Head of Strategy & Business Development at S1 Digital - a programmatic media agency from Antwerp – and was nominated as ‘Marketer of the year’ in 2018.

Fulfilling the Marketing and Sales Technology Consultant role will be Daniel Louis Lo-A-Njoe, a multi Salesforce-Certified Consultant with 15 years of experience. His recruitment will play a critical role in strengthening LeadFabric’s offering as a CRM solution provider. “As the pioneer in EMEA, it’s important that we continue to remain a thought-leader on MarTech and SalesTech solutions that have become critical for business. Beyond implementation, it was our ability to integrate MarTech that enabled us to unlock the potential of platforms like Salesforce for our customers. Adding Daniel to our team gives us the opportunity to get involved in our customer sales cloud environments for greater efficiency and effective improvement”, said Koen.

LeadFabric began as a marketing automation specialist, but its current philosophy focuses on the impact marketing has on driving revenue. Using Salestech is crucial to this goal, as it allows specific CRM solutions that accelerate revenue growth through sales engagement and enablement. As the company seeks to grow their pan-european presence, a greater focus will be on strengthening their delivery of these important aspects.

Niklas Rotherforth-Smith, a former Showpad and Hello Customer implementation consultant will take charge of this initiative as LeadFabric’s B2B Technology Consultant. His extensive experience with the integration of sales enablement solutions will prove invaluable to customers looking to seize sales opportunities. “Sales Enablement solutions are a perfect extension of our offering in MarTech. Niklas’ background in sales technology will help our customers convert opportunities into actual revenue for their business”, said Koen.

The addition of Niklas establishes LeadFabric as the prime consultancy for sales tech implementation following their recent prime partnerships with vendors such as 6Sense, Outreach and Drift.

Laura Dobândă has joined as the Global Marketing Service Manager, helping the marketing consultancy match the increasing demand for sales and marketing tech outsourcing operations. “Laura is the missing piece for our Global Marketing Service team. She will manage our scalable offering that fills the gaps for a growing number of enterprises that have made efficiency a primary goal, or currently don’t have access to a qualified workforce,” said Koen.

Finally, Raluca Stoica joins as the fifth new member of the team. “The tech market is evolving - and vendors are making drastic changes in their go to market strategy”, said Koen. “Oracle in particular has begun to rely on specialized partners both in the acquisition and retention of mid-market customers. In many ways, it’s a return to our roots as the very first reseller and partner in the EMEA region for Eloqua before the Oracle acquisition. Raluca will enhance this aspect of our team, advising customers on how to get the most out of their automation platforms.”

Making the switch directly from Oracle EMEA as a pre-sales and solutions consultant, Raluca will oversee provider implementations, strategy and support for LeadFabric customers. She will play a vital role in solidifying LeadFabric’s presence with the changing provider climate.

Since its inception in 2008, LeadFabric has led the EMEA market as an industry leader for B2B sales and marketing technology implementation and support. With the above new hires, the marketing consultancy is set to operate within an entirely new space of the market as a complete integrations, strategy, and creative services provider. As more organizations struggle to tackle the post-Covid digital acceleration, they will play a vital role by providing all services required for helping B2B companies transform their sales and marketing, rather than simply adding new technology.

If you would like to find out more about LeadFabric, click here to visit their official website, or contact Ivano Ginevro for more information.

About LeadFabric

Founded in 2008, LeadFabric has for long pioneered the alignment between sales and marketing teams with their buyers’ ever-evolving needs and expectations. The company is one of the most experienced and highly certified Marketing Technology services providers and consultancies in Europe, leveraging partnerships with premier platforms including (but not limited to) Adobe Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Outreach, Drift, and more. With a multi-cultural DNA, LeadFabric has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, France, Taiwan."

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