The increasingly human face of MarTech in 2020

January 16, 2020 Koen De Witte



During the entire past decade, we have been beating the drum on how marketing technology and automation can seriously contribute to improving revenue streams and growth.

As we neared the end of the last decade, we started to see its limits. We're sending so many 'relevant' nurture emails cluttering inboxes, that potential buyers are starting to check-out again and many marketers start questioning whether it is actually worth all the effort.

We still think it is. But we need to adjust our approach. The pendulum has swung too far in the direction of mechanical digital messaging. It misses the human factor, the conversational element. At the end of the day, it's people that do business not automated scripts.

This is exactly going to be our motto for the next decade. Offering the right balance between human and digital. It also means, helping adjust where in the data and marketing mix you need to focus to get the best outcomes. Marketing Automation is not going to do it alone.

What else can you expect?

For years marketers have been crying for more data. Today we are buried by it.

For years marketers have been crying for more data. Today we are buried by it. Looking at data and helping you better orchestrate how your data enters your universe is going to be a key focal point as well. David Shell's Innovation Lab and our partnership with Integrate will be instrumental here. Check it out.

As I said perhaps even more critical, is the human element in it all. It is for this reason why we started working with new MarTech solutions like Drift. The leader in conversational marketing who enables you to add the much needed conversational element into your communications. Especially those early buyer journey conversations as people have gradually developed an aversion of online forms over the last few years.

We also learnt that B2B demand generation is often not about targeting individuals. It's recognizing the complexity of how contacts are organized in accounts and how more human interaction is needed here as well. Welcome ABM. And welcome Folloze and Bombora.

With all these changes around us, we stay loyal to our core principles: communication that is orchestrated correctly ensuring the best possible and measurable outcomes both in terms of costs and benefit. Which is why we aim to lead the pack with our marketing automation expertise teaming up with marketing automation leader, Adobe Marketo Engage.

It's therefore super-exciting to announce that both aforementioned technology leaders have recently recognized LeadFabric for its forward-looking capacity as well as its ability to generate success. I can proudly share the exciting news that last week we were the first Adobe Solution Partner to reach Specialization for Marketo Engage and Drift just awarded us as their best pan-European partner.

I'm excited about my team, some of whom whose faces made it to the banner of this post. It's people that create results and we plan to add many more during the next year. Here's to a vibrant 2020 with more dialogs between you and them. Don't hesitate to reach out! We're eager to talk, me included.


Koen De Witte
Managing Director

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Koen De Witte

Koen's true passion is innovation in B2B sales & marketing. Back in 2008 he started LeadFabric, one of the very first demand marketing services firms in Europe.

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